Gotham City Long Exposures

NYC-WEEHAWKEEN-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPDark Clouds Over NYC – F/22, 343 sec, 24mm ISO 50, ND110

I am still around New York City area for two straight weeks now. NYC is the best place to photograph cityscapes for real. I still feel lucky to be assigned here. So yesterday, it was pretty humid and it looked like it was about to rain, this combination results to good quality clouds. In the west side of Manhattan is Weehawken, NJ, has a good spot to photograph New York skyline. Metered my camera and added 10-stop ND filter and the result is 343 seconds shutter speed.

NYC-WEEHAWKEEN-02-FB-FLCKR-36MPGotham City Afternoon – F/22, 104 sec, 24mm, ISO 50, ND110

When shooting extremely long exposure, more than 30 seconds, I had to close my aperture and set the lowest ISO of my camera and then meter the shutter speed. For example in 2nd image, I metered at 1/10 sec and then using an NDTimer App add a 10-stop filter resulted to 104 seconds. I then set the shutter to bulb function and hold my remote release for 104 seconds. The purpose is to have cloud streak; capturing cloud motion. You see it has more drama into it that having a cloudless sky.

Hope you enjoy my photos..Until next time

P.S. To my new readers, I always put the exposure settings so that you will have an idea how it was done, thanks.


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