Stitching limitation 01: Image stacking

PHILLY-02-STACKED-FAA-ZEN-FB-35MPPhiladelphia – F/18, 6 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 30 image stack, 36MP

These are 30 shots stacked in Photoshop. The purpose here is to really capture as much trail lights my camera can, spaced at 6 seconds each frame. The exposure must be the same all through out.

Image stacking is also used in photos like star trails you see in photosharing sites. Some are like 500 images stacked together. If you have the patience, this Photoshop technique is really fun. Of course you are going to need Photoshop software and high capacity RAM computer. My 8GB RAM computer could barely make it, LOL.

Compare it to 30 seconds, 10 image stack. I used a ND filter here you can see a little bit of vignetting.

My point really about this post is that, these two above, are the limitations of stitch panorama, which I normally do. I think it would be very difficult to image stack with long exposures and stitch them. I do not think the result would be good specially when the light is changing, e.g golden hour, sunrise or sunset. The white balance will be messed up as well.

Have a good week end everyone and all.



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