Stitching limitation 02: Very long exposures

DUNEDIN-TAMPA-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPReckless Abandon – F/10, 258 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

One of the limitations of digital panoramic stitching is very long exposures. I have mentioned this in the past that it is very difficult to stitch images in Photoshop 100 seconds apart. Ideally, stitching is not really meant for very long exposures specially when the light is dynamic; sunrises and sunsets. The stitches will be very visible and it will just look like crap and it’s very difficult to correct in POST.

TAMPA-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPTampa Skyline – F/18, 194 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

But why do very long exposures? Because it adds drama to photographs and for me it is the opposite of a snapshot. I don’t like snapshots personally, photos taken effortlessly with no passion. Drama is capturing motion like slow moving waves or slow moving clouds. With the aid of neutral density filters these are possible. The first photo is with the help of 6-stop ND at 258 second exposure and the second photo with 10-stop ND at 194 seconds.

In stitch, I would just limit it to 30 seconds per frame. As an example below, 5 frames at 30 seconds each. These were stitch seamlessly in Photoshop.
BRICKELL KEY MIAMI-02-FB-54MPBrickell Key – F/9, 30 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

All shots were taken from the beautiful state of Florida. Until next time…



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