Walking to Canada

NIAGARA-ONTARIO-01-FB-FLCKR-46MPHorseshoe Falls – F/20, 2 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, ND64

I’ve been busy lately, my vacation leave that I filed 1.5 months before was denied. My plan during the peak foliage was to drive and take photos in Maine, New Hampshire, cross Canada to Quebec and drive down to Toronto and meet a friend and then go to Niagara Falls. Only the last part was materialized because I was in the Upstate New York area doing work.

It’s been 8 years that I never stepped out of American soil. Today was my first time. I crossed Canada via Rainbow bridge in Niagara Falls. Wow, that was easy. I was very early before the sun was out and head right to Canadian Horseshoe falls. This waterfalls is just right to the edge of where people could stand and take photos.

NIAGARA-ONTARIO-02-FB-FLCKR-94MPMorning Mist – F/20, 5 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, ND64

On my way back while the sun was still low in the horizon, I took a 180-degree panorama of Rainbow bridge, American falls and the Canadian falls. 9-stitch total of 94 Mega pixels! The weather cooperated and of course I got timing because the foliage is at its peak in Ontario.

Hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Walking to Canada

  1. beauty wonderfully captured. you are the reason why i am playing with panos, thanks for sharing your ideas, thoughts and work. inspiration.

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