To all the piers I’ve shot before

REDINGTON-TAMPA-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPBait & Tackle, Redington, FL – F/22, 258 secs, 50mm, ISO 100

If you are a landscape photographer in Utah, obviously your subject will be big rock formations, mountains with snowcaps, all the good stuff mother nature can offer. But, if you are in Florida there are only piers, LOL.
To add more drama to these simple subjects, you must have a good combination of light and composition. All of these added result to a good photo out of simple or ordinary subjects.

BALLAST POINT-TAMPA-02-ZEN-FAA-36MP-2Ballast Point Sunrise, Tampa, FL – F/11, 130 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

I have used either a 6-stop or a 10-stop ND filters in these photos to have very long exposures. These are essential tools for a landscape photographer. Don’t you know that they have now a 15-stop ND filter?

DUNEDIN-TAMPA-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPReckless Abandon, Dunedin, FL – F/22, 300 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

BALLAST POINT-TAMPA-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPBallast Point Twilight, Tampa, FL – F/8, 306 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

BALLAST POINT-TAMPA-03-ZEN-FAA-36MP-2Ballast Point At Dawn, Tampa, FL – F/6.3, 307 secs, 24mm, ISO 100


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