In New York

MANHATTAN-BRIDGE-01-FB-FLCKR-36MP-2Heavy Metal – F/8, 30 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

Ever since I got my 36MP FX camera I began the lazy journey of not doing much stitching. But I will be back. I just just got my panoramic leveler that I need to use. Also I have just acquired a new 50mm lens for the sole purpose of stitching. My go to lens which is a prime 24mm is pretty wide in full frame but not too wide compared to using stitch. Sometimes, you just don’t need to stitch everything up, some stitched photos are too busy. Some elements need not be included in the photo for the sake of stitching.

We were in Tampa for a quite two weeks, we enjoyed the humidity over there. And right now we are back in the East Coast. The company that I worked for afforded me to fly anywhere in the country just for work. I work as a telecom field engineer. Sometimes, I asked my boss when are we gonna have Utah projects because I want to stay there for like two months straight to take photos in my spare time. My boss is pretty cool, he knows I shoot landscape.

MANHATTAN-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPBusiness District At Night – F/8, 6 secs, 24mm, ISO 320

When we were in New York, we walked through Manhattan Bridge to have good vantage point of lower Manhattan. The walk way have a fence but at the first pillar when you are coming from Manhattan, there is a hole in the fence. A DSLR would just fit right into the hole and you’d be ready to shoot long exposure. The only problem was too much vibration because of incoming trains. There were trains every 2 minutes. I had to lower my shutter and timing them when there is no trains coming. Took 20 6-second photos and stacked them in Photoshop to get some trail lights.

BROOKLYN-BRIDGE-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPUnder The Bridge – F/8, 30 secs, 24mm, ISO 100

Under the Brooklyn bridge downtown was our destination the next day. To our dismay, there was an on going construction near the big pylons and they closed the access. I would have used the pylons as foreground but what can you do? You just have to shoot what you can shoot at the moment or else you will go home empty handed.

Until next time…


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