SALTLAKECITY-01-PANO-FB-FLCKR-166MPSalt Lake City – F/16, 20s, 50mm, ISO 100, 166MP

My tripod came 2 hours late because of flight delays from PHL to SLC. We thought we could never catch the sunset in Ensign Peak to take panorama of Salt Lake City. It was a fast hike and we almost missed the sunset. There was still a little bit of light to work with when we arrived at the summit. SLC is pretty unique because it is nestled in these huge mountains.

DELICATE-ARCH-VIEWPOINT-01-PANO-FB-FLCKR-76MPDelicate Arch Viewpoint – F/18, 30s, 24mm, ISO 50, ND110, 76MP

The next day we drove to the Arches National Park to witness the magnificent geology of Utah. I really love this state. I wish I can find work here and do photography in the week ends.

GARDEN-OF-EDEN-02-PANO-FB-FLCKR-90MPGarden of Eden – F/22, 30s, 24mm, ISO 50, ND110, 90MP

DOUBLE-ARCH-01-PANO-FB-FLCKR-85MPDouble Arch – F/11, 30s, 24mm, ISO 50, ND110, 85MP

DELICATE-ARCH-01-FB-FLCKR-36MPDelicate Arch – F/8, 207s, 24mm, ISO 50, ND110, 36MP

But the Delicate Arch was the main reason for this long drive. My God! What a beautiful sight to behold! I freaking thank my boss for this. That special projects in SLC made this possible. We’ve been bugging him about Utah for a very long time.

Hope you enjoy them!

Until next time…


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