CHICAGO-007-FBChicago Skyline -F/6.3, 30 sec, 24mm, ISO 50, 4-stitch

These are the photos I took during our visit to Chicago. I have been to big cities in the US and I gotta say that Chicago is up there, first class city. Anyway the best place to shoot Chicago skyline is at Adler Planetarium. In this location beside the lake you will have full view of the skyline plus water reflection. Two days ago we went there but it’s too foggy, cold and windy. We had to go back last night which was perfect conditions.

I only have one lens with me my trusty Roki 24mm F/1.4 and this lens is so wide in full frame camera. I had to use the DX crop mode of my camera to have a close up stitch because the distance from Planetarium to the skyline is quite far. The skyscrapers and buildings became too small looking from the live view of my camera. The best lens to use in this situation for stitching is a telephoto, perhaps a 70-200mm lens.

CLOUD-GATE-002-FB-77MPFoggy Cloud Gate – F/22, 20 sec, 24mm, ISO 50, 7-stitch

The second and third images were taken form Millennium Park.

CLOUD-GATE-001-FB-36MPMillennium Bean – F/10, 30 sec, 24mm, ISO 50, single photo


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