A Dawn with Honest Abe

WASHINGTONDC-01-FB-WEB-96MPLincoln Memorial – F/11 @ 30 secs, 24mm, ISO 100, 96MP

I have been to Washington DC so many times in the past but never at dawn. Here is a panoramic shot inside the Lincoln Memorial.

We went back to the car and drove near the Capitol building to catch the sunrise. You would think that you’d be alone. There was an early bird there occupying the center most part of the reflecting pool. LOL.

WASHINGTONDC-04-FB-WEB-59MPDawn At The Capital – F/22 @ 25 secs, 24mm, ISO 100, ND8, 59MP

The sun was just about to get out from hiding…

WASHINGTONDC-03-2The Capitol Sunrise – F/22 @ 2.5 secs, 24mm, ISO 100, ND8, 56MP

All my photos here are stitched panorama. In the second and third photo a 3-stop ND filter was used.

Even at dawn this place is full of people; joggers, photographers etc etc. Well, it was a good trip nonetheless.


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