Overlooking Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH-01-FB-83MPPittsburgh Skyline – F/16 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, ND8, click photo for L

I was going to cool off with cityscapes when we had the chance to go to Pittsburgh. Such a beautiful city from Mount Washington overlooking. You can never appreciate it during the day but when the night comes, and the city lights are on, it’s totally different.

We took advantage of the light and waited for few moments before taking the shot. I used a ND8 (3-stop ND) filter to maintain my aperture but prolonging my shutter speed. The right time to shoot cityscapes to me is on a twilight, when the light still prevails and the buildings are about to light up. Compare it to the second shot on a different vantage point and different time.

PITTSBURGH-03-FB-24MPGame Night – Pittsburgh – F/9 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, click photo for L

This night was game night between Marlins and Pirates. I think the Pirates lost it. LOL.

Hope you enjoy it!


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