The garden of Eden was in Colorado

MAROON BELLS-02-FB-58MPGarden of Eden, Maroon Bells – F/22 @ 2 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 6X12, 3-stop ND, 58MP, click photo for L

I woke myself around 1am. The drive to Aspen was 3 hours from my current location in Colorado. Its been a good 3 days so far, I was to able to go to places in Utah and Wyoming. Southwest is a special place for me, with all these unlimited places to shoot. I’m blessed to be able to visit them. Thanks to all the people who preserved these places for us and for the next generation. I do hope fracking wont mess things up. LOL.

I arrived at Maroon Lake 5am and it was still very dark. I read that at one point there were 100 tripods in this location and I don’t wanna miss out. I guess I was too early but then I got the best spot imo. A few minutes later 3 cars came and I said to myself this is good at least I was alone no more. I spoke with this gentleman from St Louis it was his first time there too.

MAROON BELLS-04-FB-55MP 6X18, shot earlier, click photo for L

The composition here was very simple since this has been photographed a million times before, lake reflections with the Maroon Bells as subject and Maroon Lake as foreground. To have a perfect reflection there must be no ripples in the water. The conditions were pretty good so far at 539am, no wind, no birds messing up the water. I set up my tripod and I was looking at 7 stitches with the horizon at the center.

As the mountains came out from the shadows, gorgeous is the best word to describe the whole place. Man, this must be the garden of Eden! I don’t wonder why so many photographers come here 365 days a year. I waited a little bit more for the sun to light up the mountain and began shootin! That Aspen glow! This place is beyond gorgeous in the fall season with all that color reflections.


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