Flamin’ Gorge

FLAMIN GORGE-UTAH-FB-123MPFlaming Gorge – Red Canyon, Utah – F/22 @ 1/6 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 123 MP, click photo for L

I was in Northern Utah because of you know..taking photos. LOL. I had the chance to drive to Flaming Gorge area near Ashley National Forest. The 2-hour drive there was pretty interesting because of the rock formations along the way. Landscape scenes were abundant! I fell in love with Utah and this is just the Northern part. I can live in this place, in fact I’ll find work here.

As I was looking at this gorge in Red Canyon Overlook, a problem came to mind, how am I gonna give justice to this place using my DSLR. The place was massive! Huge! Humongous! If you can find the white dot, that’s a boat! I tried taking test shots and they were cr*p, overexposed sky and very dark shadows. If I waited more time for the sun to go down, it’d be all shadows!

The composition was just really to leave little of the sky since my focus was this green river below and these cliffs surrounding it getting hit by the sun. I used HDR technique to somehow even out the final exposure of the image. I metered at 1/6 second, set the 5-HDR bracket of my camera and took 10 frames X 5 shots each frame equals 50 RAW image. The HDR was 2..1..0..-1..2, my 0 was 1/6 seconds go figure the rest. The preset I used was “natural” in Photomatix 5. Stitched them in Photoshop CC and post process in Lightroom 5, the result a 126 Mega pixel panorama.


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