Happy independence day America!

PHILADELPHIA4THOFJULY-FB-71MPPhiladelphia 4th of July – F/8 @ 20 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 71MP

I made the last minute decision to go to Philadelphia and be at South Street to take photos of fireworks. My last fireworks photoshoot was in New York 2012 and I swore that I’d never go back there on July 4th. The traffic was just horrible going back home.

Anyway, I took multiple shots of the frame with the fireworks in it and then proceeded to take the other frames to create the panorama. The shot with the fireworks in it was the first frame. I then chose the shot with defined fireworks action. I used a 20 second exposure in all frames. The panorama was limited to 6 frames resulting to a little bit of distortion. Too many people standing side by side there in the bridge. I need to have at least 7 frames to make a distortion free panorama.

All 6 RAW files were stitch in Photoshop using Photomerge, saved the 300MB file as TIFF and exported to Lightroom 5 for post processing. As always I cropped the final image to 6 X 18 resulting to 71 Mega pixel photo.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend!!



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