One Second Rush

NIAGARA01-FB-77MPOne Second Rush – F/10 @ 1 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 8-stitch, 77MP

Here is an 8-stitch panoramic shot of Niagara River in Upstate New York. The distance, speed and massiveness of the water would only require 1 second for me. But it really depends on your taste.

I set the shutter at 1 second, ISO 100, white balance daylight and from there adjusted the aperture or F-stop to meter to F/10. This was shot when the sun was almost out hence the F/10 aperture.

The walks in Niagara Falls Park are under construction. Only a small portion near the waterfall where tourist are allowed. If you want a better spot go to the Canadian side. 🙂


2 thoughts on “One Second Rush

  1. I cannot take a better shot than this, I regret my poor photography skills 🙂 Thanks for sharing this view, usually I don’t find panoramic shots impressive but I must confess that this one is beautiful.

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