BROOKLYN-HDR-FB-60MPClouds Over Lower Manhattan – F/16 @ 0.3 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, -2..1..0..1..2, 60MP

I was in New York the whole week and I had to drop by Brooklyn to once again take photos of this iconic location. Don’t you guys know that New York is the number one tourist destination in the world and it’s just right here in our backyard? lol.

The first photo was rendered in HDR, -2..-1..0..1..2 @ 0.3 seconds. These are 5 vertical frames X 5 RAW shots each frame. Same process from my previous blog.

The second photo was taken minutes after the first one with long exposure. I added an ND8 (3-stops) filter so that I can prolong the shutter to 30 seconds. It was windy and cloudy that time which is a good combination for us landscapers, but the sun was already gone. I wish I had done long exposure first before the HDR. Oh well!

BROOKLYN01-FB-60MPThe Real Brooklyn Afternoon – F/20 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, ND8, 60MP

Which one do you like most, for real?



6 thoughts on “HDR vs LE

  1. Both are excellent shots. But I like the shot with ND grad. With the 30secs, it soften the water a little bit compare to the 0.3 sec. Obviously it should. LOL. But I like how you showed both approach.

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