Charlotte Blue Hour

CHARLOTTE03-FB-79MPCharlotte Blue Hour – F/22 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 6X18, 79MP

Day 3 of our official business in Charlotte, NC. We were looking for a good vantage point to again shoot cityscape or skyline. We were looking at Google map for possible parking garage rooftops.

The first one we went to was a parking garage for cops! Scratched that! The second one was a real public parking garage which was awesome. Charlotte is a tiny city and very easy to navigate. We were there waiting for the sun to disappear from the horizon in our backs as we face the city skyline. There is not much going on in Charlotte, no traffic and stuff, a very peaceful city, meaning no light trails. LOL.

We went to a 3rd parking garage downtown and took two more panoramas but the result were not good enough. To post or not to post, right?

I don’t really like mentioning gear but this Rokinon 24mm/F1.4 lens I am using is an awesome lens for a 3rd cost of Canon or Nikon equivalent. What I really like about it also is the sharp star burst it creates. I just set the focus to infinity and just shoot.



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