Self pomotion and critique

PHILLY002-FB-WP-46MPWaterworks – F/8 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 46MP

They say that in order for your images to be seen you have to self promote. Self promote in forums and other social media sites. Why? Do people really think they can make money off of landscape photography? That makes me laugh. People in the internet just ask your photos for free and even steal it! Godless creatures, lol!

Landscape photography is just a hobby for me. I don’t need to self promote. If I’d want to make money in photography I’ll try weddings, pre-nuptials and portraits and buy all types of flashes and lenses.

In one forum, this guy went ballistic on me when I said about cropping photos. He read it “crap”. I never said crap. I said cropping a regular photo is not a good practice because you will lose pixels and you’ll make this excuse to buy a new high mega pixel camera, because you like to crop. Compose it properly, exclude eye sores in the scene. Cropping is reserved only for stitch panoramas because you have a buffer of pixels. In a bad day I get 30 Mega Pixels. How many pixels your 5DMKIII get? Right. And he went to say that stitch is no longer a high art like it was once, so what is? Cropping regular photos? And that stitch is just a program technique, and so is HDR like his photos.

And then he PM’ed me and said “btw you got good photos”. Well, thank you. I since then apologize If I offended him, so that he’ll stop emailing me.

So If you want to feel good about your photography post it on Flickr, LOL. I don’t need likes and whatnot. I blog to document my travels and give tips on the side. Most of my inquiries are coming from my website anyway, not from these forums.

People in the interwebs are funny.


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