Panoramic stitching: before and after

PHILLY04-FB-WPPhilly’s Night – F/13 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 37MP- after

Is it really necessary to have a panoramic tripod head to do stitch panorama? My answer is YES if you want perfection! Your verticals and horizon are important specially in cityscapes. The pano tripod head that I have has 15 to 30 degree increment. It depends on my distance from the subject, sometimes I use 30 degrees increment. What’s important is to have 50% overlap.

photo 1
photo 2

PHILLY04Philly’s Night – F/13 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO, 72MP – before

Not bad from 72 to 37 Mega pixels, in fact it can be done in 108″ print.

You see here my standard crop is 6X18. I excluded all the eye sore in the lower part of the original image.

By the way, thanks to all my readers and likers. For real! I hope I can continue doing blogs.


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