Annisquam Light

ANNISQUAM-FB-WPAnnisquam Light – F/22 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, ND8, 76MP

We drove 6 hours to be here in Annisquam, Massachusetts. We were just right there when the sun was already out. We only had a couple minutes of light when I set up my tripod and took 8 vertical shots. Man it was cold 23 F and windy. This weather never ends!

There was not much action in the waves so I decided to do long shutter. When I set my aperture at F/22 and metered I got 1.3 seconds which was not enough for my taste. I stacked a 3-stop ND filter and metered through the lens to 10 seconds. Cool!

That is what ND filters are for again, if you want more time. What is it really that you want prior to pushing that shutter?



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