Stitching is like shooting film

PHILLY01-FBAtop The Benjamin – F/16 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 45MP

Me and my friend spent 3 hours in Philly last night. We arrived at Benjamin Franklin bridge before the sunset. This bridge is a good vantage point as it overlooks the city. I had no intention, as always, to shoot while the sun is still up in the horizon. The reason being is that the light is concentrated to the sun itself. But when the sun disappears from the horizon it spreads the light, colors and beautiful tones.

PHILLY02-FBTraverse – F/13 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 35MP

Stitching is like shooting film, you really can’t be sure what you will get. That is why when you compose a panoramic scene for stitching you need to pre-visualize. I do all kinds of stuff like panning my camera while looking in the view finder and or use my iPhone’s pano option to compose.

I have a plan of upgrading to a high mega pixel camera and buy a very wide angle lens and just stick to one shot one frame photos but I think that’s just wrong. I will upgrade for a reason of better dynamic range not of high mega pixels. Also, I enjoy stitching a lot. The only limitation is that I cannot do a 400-second X 10 frames stitch. That is just impossible.

Hope you like it! Comments and questions are welcome.

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