South of Manhattan

NewYork3-WPSouth of Manhattan – F/8 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 44MP

Another shot from Brooklyn. This time it took 6 vertical shots worthy of 6X12 crop. I usually crop my panoramas to 6X18 but if I do that in this situation I would lose mega pixels and also other elements were not good to be in the final picture.

I shoot with long exposure in mind first. I set my shutter to 30 seconds and finally metered with the aperture which in this case F/8. The ISO is always the lowest at 100. It is that simple.

This spot has been shot many times over but it’s just a very good location where you can use these columns as your foreground. As I always say to my friend when you shoot look for a good subject and foreground. These columns are placed in a straight patterns that also serve as leading line to the skyline subject.

Hoe you enjoy it!



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