New Yorker

NewYork2-2-WPNew Yorker – F/11 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 40MP

It’s been days that the weather is just so bad. It’s been snowing like crazy in the North East. Yesterday was no different, it snowed pretty early on our way to New York city to do some work on Femtocells (indoor cellsites)in one of the buildings there. Me and my co-worker planned to hit the road from Philly around 4 AM to catch the sunrise in Brooklyn Bridge but due to the weather we changed it right to catching the sunset or the some night shots.
When my friend who is also my classmate in college, decided to do some landscapes with me I was elated. At last, I will not be alone taking pictures when we travel together.

I have been in this location before and for me the only way to go is to do long exposure stitch. Set 30 seconds first, ISO 100 second and then adjust to meter with the aperture and what I got was F/11. Awesome! It took 9 vertical shots with 50 percent overlap using my Nodal Ninja Pano tripod head for this image.

Hope you enjoy it!



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