The Face Rock

Oregon4-FB The Face Rock – F/16 @ 80 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 32MP, 10-stop ND

Oregon! I’ve never been to a place like this and I am just only here in the southern coast, how much more in the northern part like Astoria and Portland area. I wanna live here for real! What a beautiful place. The only place I can compare when it comes to nature is Maine. The photographic possibilities are endless to nature lovers.

Right after work I drove down south to Bandon Beach to photograph the Face Rock. I was speechless with all the rocks in the ocean, others look like their own islands.

I shoulda change my name to Long Exposure Abe because that is what I am and that is what I want to do when I shoot, considering stitch it’s pretty challenging to be honest. And you are not even sure if Photoshop will stitch you photos. I’ve been in the situation where Photoshop can’t stitch my photos. It was a bummer!

This photo I shot at 80 seconds because I would wanted a cloud streak, but it did not do much, guess what it was not windy. My shoes got wet though, I had to use the hair dryer in the hotel to dry them. But I really like the experience. I am happy that I am able to explore Oregon, being with nature is like being with God.

Experience Oregon!



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