Trapt Under Ice

Atlanta[2]East Entrance, Atlanta – F/22 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, -0.3EV, 32 Mega Pixels

Atlanta, Georgia. Yup the city crippled by an inch of snow. We flew here last Monday and the next day it snowed and they panicked. 5 million people wanted to go home at once, snow became sheet of ice. 15 minute drive to our hotel became 6 hours. You probably know the rest, it’s in the news.
The next day we canceled our job because we can’t even go anywhere. Bored, we went outside and help people moved their cars from the roads. Pushed maybe 6 cars, man some people just stand there looking at us. One guy did not even say thank you.

Anyway, we went to the infamous Jackson Street to shoot some cityscapes before we go home to Philly. You really need to do a research of the good spots to shoot. There are popular spots in Atlanta for example in 5th Ave bridge, in Savannah College of Art and Design parking building or here in Jackson Street. They said that Jackson street is not safe at night. There are a few other photographers shooting with us so we felt safe. Maybe it was not safe 6 years ago but there are high end condos there today. I really love this spot, the only problem encountered was the lack of cars for light trails. Apparently, the people did not go to work at all after what happened.

Atlanta[1]Another composition

The things I consider for a good cityscape; there must be a bridge, a water for reflection, of course city lights and car light trails. A combination of at least two should be enough. What’s important is your composition.

Stay safe y’all! 🙂



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