Cape Neddick Lighthouse

NEDDICK2014Cape Neddick Lighthouse – F/9 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 29 Mega Pixels with 10-stop ND filter

Me and my buddy went to York, Maine in Sohier Park to photograph this beautiful lighthouse located in an island. We arrived there almost sunset time. It was windy, cold and the waves were violently smashing the rocks below. Another winter afternoon in Maine. I was teaching him, transferring my knowledge on exposure. He was so excited and was eager to learn. I told him that landscape photography is so easy to learn because you only have to watch your shutter speed & F-stop, your ISO is always the base value your camera 100 for Nikon and 50 for Canon. All you have to do is go to a nice location and pray for a good weather. As I’ve mention in the past landscape photography is all about location first and weather second. And may I add composition and that’s pretty much it.

I was teaching him long exposure hence the use of a tripod, remote release and ND filter. Long exposure adds drama to your photograph. In the photo above I wanted to have 30 second exposure, based on the NDTimer App (see previous blog) with a 10-stop filter I can get 34 seconds (near 30 seconds) with 1/30. I set the camera shutter to 1/30 and adjusted/metered the f-stop to F/9. I installed the screw type ND filter and re-adjusted shutter to 30 seconds. And then took 7 vertical photos for panoramic stitching later. The 30 seconds gave the result of the waves like that.

I hope you don’t find this too technical but when are you gonna learn? LOL. You need to to improve your photography somehow right?

There was this older gentleman taking photos of the same lighthouse beside us, I initiated a conversation to a fellow photographer. I praised his Really Right Stuff expensive tripod, he has this full frame Canon camera with intervalometer and a 300 dollar camera back pack. I said to my self holy crap this guy must be good. As we were leaving I politely asked if he has a website where I can see his work and he said no he doesn’t have a website! Who has thousands of dollars equipment like that and no website? LOL We just left and said have a good day sir!

Hope you like my story, 🙂



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