Iconic Bridge At 4 A.M.

BROOKLYN-NIGHTS-67MP-2Brooklyn Bridge At Dawn – F/11 @ 30 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 67 Mega Pixels

I have been working for 3 nights near Albany, New York and last night after my work at 12:30 AM it was time to go home to Philly. I had already plans of dropping by Brooklyn to photograph the iconic bridge at dawn and then wait for sunrise to photograph it again.

I arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1 at almost 4 A.M. and went to set up my tripod, did my composition and metered the scene. All shot in manual, I set my shutter at 30 seconds and adjusted aperture from there to F/11. 30 seconds is to really capture the lights from the buildings and the reflections. My ISO was 100 and focal length was 24mm (35mm in full frame). My lens is a prime lens so I had to deal with just that 24mm when composing. Set up my 10 verticals shots covering the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers and the bridge itself. No test shots! The first shot was the test shot actually. If you have been doing something for too long it becomes second nature.

The bridge is still under repair, but it was worse when I was there months ago. I got the view all by myself with nobody there at 4 A.M. and in freezing cold. I was able able to park right at the street near the bridge. Awesome feeling! I just got my fix. I can never get tired of Brooklyn bridge.

That’s about it! Just this one shot and I drove home to beat the traffic and to make my reports and nope I didn’t wait for the sunrise but I’ll be back.

Hope you like it! Any questions?




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