The Hidden Lock

Lock12-1The Hidden Lock – F/14 @ 1/2 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 26 vertical multi-row stitch pano, 115 Mega Pixels

I have been to this place like 4 times already. But during those times I was not into stitch panorama. I said, I needed to come back and shoot this place panorama style. I already have the composition in mind and where to put my tripod to really capture all the cascades.

According to foliage network the colors are past peak in the area but whatever I still drove there. The height of my tripod was probably just 2 feet. I wanted to capture all the foreground cascades and water motion. The plan was just 1 row stitch pano but ended with 2 rows 13 vertical stitch panorama. That is 26 shots! In the second row, I tilted my camera down a few degrees to get more foreground. When I tilted my camera up, there was nothing there except trees with no leaves.

Shot in Lock 12, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I chose 1/2 second shutter speed, ISO 100 and from there adjusted the aperture to F/14 when I metered the scene. When shooting waterfalls use the Shutter Priority principle. That’s pretty much it! No filters used. The sky was overcast which was ideal for shooting waterfalls.

Hope you like it!



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