The Last Fall

Untitled_Panorama3The Last Fall – F/16 @ 1/2 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 47 Mega Pixels

Let’s be honest, landscape photography is all about the location. I can shoot in Arches National Park or Zion National Park up side down and I would still create photographs that people will like to see. Like my blog about the Brooklyn Bridge, that is the blog with the most visits, it’s because of the location. It’s because of people who have been there before but unable to take better photos or people that are planning to visit the place.

It’s just funny I may mention about this blog I read about “how to shoot better photos in bad weather”. And then all 10 examples of his photos are from Iceland…LOL really?

Like the photo above no one will care about it except for nature photographers. By the way I’d like to share that I tested this awesome lens that I bought yesterday the Rokinon 24mm/ F1.4. Cheap lens less that a 3rd of the price of it’s Nikon or Canon equivalent. Everything is manual. Anyway, I don’t need auto focus in landscape photography, specially stitched panorama! At f/4 and above everything is sharp at infinity.

Happy Halloween!



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