Autumn at Valley Forge – Panorama HDR

FALL-AT-VFAutumn at VF – F/11 @ 1/8 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 55 Mega Pixels

The perfect scenario when shooting stitched panorama; the scene must have an even illumination otherwise some frames will be overexposed and some underexposed. This is really the challenge in stitched panorama.
I just got home from New England yesterday and woke up early today to do some sunrise shots in Valley Forge National Park. I’ve always wanted to shoot these two shacks here but when I did my test shots the difference between the highlights and shadows was a bit too much. My solution was HDR.

These are 3 shots HDR 2 stops apart, 9 vertical frames, 3 exposures each frame. I metered at 1/8 sec so my highlight was at 1/30 sec and shadows at 1/2 sec. The one issue I had with 1/2 second is when the wind blew, it created a blur on the leaves. They were processed in Photomatix 4.2.6, stitched in Photoshop CS5 and post processed in Lightroom 4. The setting in Photomatix I used was natural/realistic.

Thanks…more shooting!!!



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