Waning Gibbous

Moonrise Over New York – f/11, 36mm, ISO 100, 20 seconds – 9 stitched panorama, 6 X 18, 62 Mega Pixels – Click for large

The super moon was happening the night before. We had a bad weather in Philadelphia. No other choice but to stay home. I was just browsing Flickr and envied all the super moon shots. I was bummed.
Last night the weather was kinda okay but it was no longer a full moon, it’s a waning gibbous. I will shoot whatever it is I said to myself. I wanted a city skyline to be a background of the moon rising. I checked on The Photographers Ephemeris the moonrise direction in Philadelphia. Philly is in the west and the moon rises in the east. Philly was a no go. I was searching for another city in the east coast…you’ve guessed it , New York. I checked again on TPE and the moon will rise over Manhattan. Cool. Weehawken across Hudson river was a good spot. I told my wife and son to get ready we are going to New York! New York is just 2 hours from Philly so driving was no big deal.
TPE in action – click for large

When we got there it was almost 9:30PM and the moon was already above the horizon and just over the Manhattan skyline.
The photo above was shot near the NYC ferry docks. I could imagine the super moon was 16 percent larger the night before. I included the park foreground for scale and anchoring. If I shot the skyline line with just the ocean in the foreground the resulting photo will look two dimensional. As usual I mostly shoot panoramic, the same process of taking 9 vertical frames, matrix metered in the frame facing the moon and focus to infinity.
We made our way back to the elevated part of Union City overlooking New York. I parked my truck and got my tripod and did another panoramic shots. A lady with a tripod asked for some tips on how to shoot at night. I told her long exposure, f/8 and don’t forget to meter, lol.
Waning Gibbous – f/11, 36mm, ISO 100, 20 seconds – 9 stitched panorama, 6 X 18, 58 Mega Pixels – Click for large

TPE is a good tool when planning your landscape shoots. It tells you the direction and altitude of the sun and moon at any given time. It’s a free program for Mac and PC. I got it on my iOS as well just in case.

Hope you enjoy it!



20 thoughts on “Waning Gibbous

  1. That’s how I like to photograph cityscapes at night as well: low ISO, small apertures, and roll on the tripod. Looks great!

  2. I happened to be in UK for this moon and it was cloudy, normally I am out & about where I live in Spain and have some amazing moonlight photography to show for it… plan my trips better me thinks 🙂

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