180 degrees of Philadelphia Museum of Art

f/8, 31mm, ISO 100, 10 seconds – 26 stitched pano – 6 X 18 – 118 Mega Pixels

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the main attractions of Philadelphia. I have been living in one of the burbs in Philly for 7 years but never been here at night. Philly is sometimes scary, I don’t know I watch too much news. During the day this place is full of people. I chose to shot this place at night because to me there is more drama than shooting this during the day and you know less people. To be honest I avoid putting people in my photographs and almost always I clone them out in Photoshop, lol.

This shot is composed of 2 rows and 13 columns a total of 26 frames stitched in Photoshop. 26 frames at 10 seconds each, panning from left to right, 0 to 180 degrees. I down tilted my panoramic tripod head to capture the foreground and up tilted it to capture the subject and background sky. It took my quad core, 8GB RAM PC 20 minutes to stitch these 26 frames. The result was 1.3 Giga Byte tiff 16-bit unedited file. I exported this file to Lightroom 4 and did the usual cropping to 6 X 18, adjustment of clarity, white balance, sharpness, color etc etc. The result was a 339 Mega Bytes tiff 16-bit file and 118 Mega Pixels.

When you about face the next photo is the city of Philadelphia and Rocky ran in these stairs. Click on the picture for large.
f/8, 32mm, ISO 100, 10 seconds – 9 stitched pano – 6 X 18 – 65 Mega Pixels

Hope you enjoy it!



32 thoughts on “180 degrees of Philadelphia Museum of Art

  1. last time I was there I managed to get quite a good photo,but definitely not close to yours… and it was daylight..and winter…and I used my hubby’s camera.. a pocket canon 🙂 but these photos look amazing. good job! I hope it didn’t take you days of work!!!

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