Multi Row Stitched Panorama of New York

f/8, 36mm, ISO 100, 15 seconds – 2 rows X 8 columns 16 stitched panorama – 6 X 12 – 71 Mega Pixels

Here is the 3rd location I shot in Brooklyn. I usually shoot just one row of vertical frames panning from left to right in a stitched panorama. In this particular photo I did two rows, one to emphasize more of the foreground and one for the sky background and more of the subject Manhattan bridge. The rocks and the shore were lit by 2 lamp post which was awesome, you can really tell that these are rocks and they are colored green! I metered in the frame near the lamp post to 15 seconds, it would over exposed if I metered elsewhere.

These are the 8 vertical shots I took for the foreground rocks. I down tilted my panoramic tripod head to 5 degrees.

And these are the 8 vertical shots I took to have more sky coverage. I up tilted to 15 degrees.

All in all it was a total of 16 vertical frames stitched using Photomerge in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The result was a 410 Mega Bytes of tiff-16 bit file and 71 Mega Pixels of resolution! The new Nikon D800 can’t beat that, lol!
It was then exported to Adobe Lightroom 4 to crop, adjust the white balance, clarity, sharpness, color etc etc.

Hope you enjoy it!



36 thoughts on “Multi Row Stitched Panorama of New York

  1. I love New York and this is a gorgeous photo — I’ve taken panorama shots but they never turn out any where near as nice as yours. Enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I had no idea there was a technique like this! I agree with everyone else, you certainly have a lot of patience, but it is clear this is something you love. That makes all the difference when it comes to putting time and effort into a task.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I have tried stitching some panoramas in the past, but this one is just brilliant. Love the reflections in the water.

    • I am using CS5 because that is what I have but I read that Autopano Giga & PtuGI are as good at 1/4 the price if you are only doing panos. You gotta have more RAM, my computer uses at last 6GB of RAM when stitching. Thanks Aaron.

  4. Love how this photo keeps your eye moving from the rocks at the left to the bridge at the right to the buildings and reflection in the middle to the bridge on the left. Wonderful shot — wish I was there!

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