My latest macro shots

1 shot RAW file, f/40, 60mm, ISO 100, 1/60 sec, 0EV, flash fired

The macro lens, even if you use a very small aperture it will still give you a nice bokeh.

This next photo is the result of stacking 19 shots using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to have a sharper image from petal to petal. In macro, it is very difficult to get the entire subject in focus with just one shot. This technique is called Focus Stacking, check it out.
19 shots RAW files stacked, f/11, 60mm, ISO 400, 1.6 seconds, no flash

The third photo is just a 1:1 HDR shot of a dandelion.
HDR 3 RAW files, f/57, 60mm, ISO 100, 1 second, -1..0..+1EV, no flash

I used a tripod with a 4-way macro rail slider and a remote shutter release cord.




18 thoughts on “My latest macro shots

  1. Your close up photos awe and inspire me, Abe. Maybe some day I’ll save up for a real macro lens. Right now I am learning more about landscapes and how to take better bird photos. Would love to visit Longwood Gardens though. We used to drive past there often on our way to and from Philadelphia.

    • Hi thanks for the kind words. You don’t even need an expensive macro lens. You can try the thing they called extension tubes it is good if you specially if you have a prime lens. If you are using Nikon system the 40mm f/2.8 would yield the same result at lower price.

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