HDR Floral Macro Photography Technique

HDR-3 RAW files, f/11, 60mm, ISO 100, 0.8 sec, -1..0..+1 EV, iphone LED light

I worked last night in Harrisburg and on my way back to Philly I grabbed some flowers for my wife but my real intention was to really do some macro shots of roses, LOL.
I did some HDR macro shots, that is. My composition was to be really close to the flower, that is without any background. I metered and took the shot, +1 stop for the shadows and -1 stop for the highlights. I did 3 shots with -1EV, 0EV, +1EV all in RAW files. Basically, I bracketed 3 shots with 1 stop in between.
I used Photomatix Pro 4 to process the HDR and saved the final file as TIFF-16 bit. I then opened it with Adobe Lightroom 4 to adjust contrast, color, tone, sharpness etc.and finally saved it to JPEG for the web. And that was it.

Here are the 3 bracketed shots:

Of course the tripod and shutter release cord play the role when doing bracketed shots.

Keep shootin’



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