Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Panoramas 2012

Tidal Basin – f/16, 52mm, ISO 100, 1/60 sec – 6 X 30, 12 stitched panorama, 100 Mega Pixels. Full res: http://bit.ly/GMYll6

Washington DC cherry blossoms is my family’s yearly thing, to visit and enjoy the scenery in our nation’s capital. There is a big difference from the first time I stepped there in 2003 than today. There is so much progress.

It was a hike too. We parked near the US capitol and started walking. I’ve got 1 camera, a wide prime and mid-telephoto lenses and my tripod panoramic head. I had to have my tripod it’s a must for me and to all serious landscape photographers. My initial intention was just to really shoot panoramas and so I did.

Our plan was to go there during the weekend but there was a forecast of thunderstorm. So I had to take a day off on Friday just to have a glimpse of the remaining cherry blossoms.

WW II Memorial – f/16, 36mm, ISO 100, 1/30 sec – 6 X 18, 9 stitched panorama, 61 Mega Pixels. Full res: http://bit.ly/GX0QlL

It was indeed too hot too soon. I don’t know maybe thank goodness to global warming. The high was 82F. Cherry blossoms usually starts in April.

Washington Monument – f/16, 36mm, ISO 100, 1/30 sec – 6 X 18, 7 stitched pano, 39 Mega Pixels. Full res: http://bit.ly/GVuv3m

Here is my last shot on our way back.

US Capitol – f/16, 46mm, ISO 100, 13 seconds – 6 X 30, 10 stitched panorama, 63 Mega Pixels. Full res: http://bit.ly/GOvvEG

Keep shootin’



22 thoughts on “Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Panoramas 2012

  1. Really beautiful shots, Abe!

    I didn’t realize that you are in the D.C. area! You might be interested in seeing my botanical photography exhibit at Green Spring Gardens. It’s up until April 29 (M-F and Saturday 9-4:30 and Sunday 12-4:30) and my reception is Sunday, April 15, 1-3 p.m. if you’d to “meet the artist!” You can find out more on my show website at http://www.gardenmuseshow.com. If you do go, let me know! And don’t forget to sign the guest book!

    Happy Spring!




  2. Did you have any trouble using your tripod there? Years ago I was in the new WW2 memorial and when I took my tripod out I had security all over me telling me it wasn’t allowed there! You’ve got some great pics here, particularly like the pool with the monument in the background.

  3. We were shooting on that same Friday at the tidal basin, focusing on the Jefferson Memorial. Lots of photographers there before dawn. Love the shots that you post here. Do you do tilt-shift panos at all?

    • Even before dawn huh? I could imagine. I use digital stitching in Photoshop. This is the first time I heard that a tilt shift lens can be used for pano I have to check that out. Thanks.

      • Abe, you shift all the way to one direction, take the shot, and then shift all the way the other direction and take the shot. We use PS to do the stitching. We have a post with the Jefferson Memorial pano up on our site. That was shot with the 24mm, but sometimes I even shoot with the 17mm.

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