Watching your verticals…stitched panoramic photography

Watching our verticalsNew York – f/22, 35mm, ISO 100, 25 seconds – 5 vertical stitched panorama, 6 X 18

I shoot stitched panorama to both nature and landscape situation. As much as possible I would maintain above 20mm focal length in a full frame camera.

But it’s a different story when shooting a cityscape stitched panorama. The size of your full frame camera sensor is 35mm, shooting below that focal length is subject to distortion. Distortion is when your skyscraper is leaning to the left or right instead of vertically straight. Some people dig this distortion effect but I don’t. I want all the buildings upright in my panorama shots.
Wait…it can be fixed in Photoshop right? Yes if you want to spend more time in the computer, but why do that when you can do it right the first time in the camera?

I tested with Adobe Photoshop stitching software and it can tolerate down to 30mm with minimal distortion. I’d say that is my limit but if possible I’d shoot at 35mm or above. Note 35mm is 23mm in a crop-sensor camera.

Keep shootin’



15 thoughts on “Watching your verticals…stitched panoramic photography

  1. I can’t wait to shoot some panoramas with my new full frame camera. Would a 50mm prime be good for this or shall I use my 24-70 set at 35mm? I’ve never done a panorama, so please excuse my ignorance. 🙂

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