Creative cropping…stitched panoramic photography

Cropping in stitched panoramic photographyf/16, 23mm, ISO 50, 1/15 sec – Cropped at 6 X 18

The ideal way of shooting stitched panorama is to position your camera vertically or in portrait mode. By doing this you will have more foreground and sky coverage. You can also shoot in landscape mode but you have to add upper background and lower foreground layer of frames. Say if you shoot 10 frames from left to right, you have to shoot another set of 10 frames above and below that to have more coverage.
f/16, 23mm, ISO 50, 1/15 sec – Cropped at 6 X 12

And after stitching them in software the next question is how do you crop the resulting image. The answer really is how much coverage do you want and what elements in the picture that you want included. If I want to have more foreground I would crop it at 6 X 12 otherwise I’d just crop it at 6 X 18. The popular panoramic film cameras are at 6 X 12, 6 X 17 & 6 X 24. These are the image size ratios that I based my stitched panoramic photography from.
f/16, 23mm, ISO 50, 1/15 sec – 11 vertical shots uncropped version

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


Photo stuff: Sunrise shot in Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey last autumn.


7 thoughts on “Creative cropping…stitched panoramic photography

  1. Great shot! I enjoy browsing through your panorama photos. It’s breathtaking. I usually take in landscape mode, never tried to take in portrait and stitch them together. It’s a great idea to give it a try! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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