The making of a nature panorama

Untitled_Panorama7f/16, 22mm, ISO 100, 8 seconds – Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia

Wissahickon Creek is just outside of Philadelphia near the burbs. The colors in autumn were already showing up. I went there one late afternoon to capture a panorama of the whole place. The less is more did not apply here obviously. To be honest I don’t like that idea as a fan of panoramic photography. Well, this is kinda nature but why not? Everybody can pretty much make a panorama of everything.

I positioned my tripod and camera at the center of the scene. I used my Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head. I metered in the water at 8 seconds using a 4-stops filter that I mentioned in my last blog and set it up manually in my camera. Manual settings from aperture, ISO, shutter speed and focusing. Panning from left to right I took 10 vertical frames at a successive phase at the same time maintaining the stability of the tripod.

Everything was shot in RAW and stitched in panorama using Photomerge in Adobe Photoshop CS5. The final image was then cropped to 6 X 18 and resulted to 43 Mega pixels. Final edit was done in Adobe Lightroom 4.
There is no way you can capture a scene this wide with just one shot.
Go out and try it.

Keep shootin’



12 thoughts on “The making of a nature panorama

  1. Stunning end result, and great to see the steps to get to it too.The sort of shot I would like to try when I am a bit more confident. Only an amature at the beginning of my photography life.
    Defiantly on my follow list.

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