Meter in your mid tones…stitched panoramic photography

Marsh Creek Sunset Reflections

What is a mid tone? A mid tone is the point between the brightest element in the scene in which you want detail and the darkest element in which you want detail. In this case the brightest is the sun to the left and the darkest is the tree to the right. That is how I see it, at least.

When shooting stitched panorama you have to use the same exposure in each frame. Use the spot metering in your camera to meter the mid tone and set that exposure. Shoot in manual mode. If you don’t have spot metering use the center-weighted metering. In this particular photo my mid tone was 0.6 seconds. I shot several vertical frames with the same exposure of 0.6 seconds panning from left to right and stitched them in Photomerge using Adobe Photoshop CS5. You can use any stitching software that you already have or you can find.
Unedited version

If you miss the mid tone it’s either you will have a very bright highlights or a very dark shadows that photoshop can’t fix. Try several shots and look in your live view screen and choose the exposure you like. Don’t you just love digital? Please refer to the unedited second photo.

Full resolution:

Shoot RAW!


Technical photo stuff:
Vertical shots stitched panorama in Adobe Photoshop CS5, cropped to 6X18, 48 Mega pixel final image. Shot with DSLR camera, 29mm, f/22, ISO 50, 0.6 seconds. I used a Nodal Ninja 3 panoramic tripod head. Adjusted contrast, color, sharpness etc. in Adobe Lightroom 4.


5 thoughts on “Meter in your mid tones…stitched panoramic photography

  1. very beautiful panoramas! really nice blog you have here šŸ™‚

    Thanks for your comment on my post btw, appreciate it!

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