The most rugged coastline in the North East…

Beavertail, RI

In the summer of 2011 I was just starting to get very excited with outdoor photography. I was very busy with my 9-5 so I shoot whenever I can specially in the week ends. One of my favorite nature photographers Tony Sweet was having a workshop in Acadia National Park in Maine and it said because of its rugged coastline. Hmmmm… it got me thinking rugged made sense because shooting seascapes without rocks is boring. There must be a nice foreground
element full of texture or something. I was thinking I have to visit Acadia National Park but the place is so far from Philadelphia, it’s in the edge of the earth and I only have the weekend.

So I did my research, which state in the East coast with similar rugged coastline or near the awesomeness of Acadia National Park and I found Beavertail State Park in Rhode Island. Very short 5-hour drive from Philadelphia, not too bad! The place was quite small but amazing.
This was shot in the east side of the island. Too many people that weekend. Sometimes I’d prefer sunrise to avoid the crowd.

You really have to visit either of these places in the future.

Would you be able to tell that this shot is HDR? Most photographers hate HDR and I don’t know why. They call it cheating, LOL. You can’t master nature, for real!
Sometimes you cannot capture a good image with one exposure.

Shoot RAW!


Technical photo stuff: HDR 2 exposures. Converted to B&W. DSLR camera, f/18, 18mm, ISO 100, 61 seconds, used B&W 110ND. Tone-mapped in Photomatix Pro 4 tiff 16-bit and post process to JPEG in Lightroom 4.


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