To workshop or not to workshop…outdoor photography

Beavertail Lighthouse, RI

I am sure this topic has crossed the minds of all aspiring nature and landscape photographers out there. Should you attend workshops or not?
Here is my take. If you want the to learn faster, do it. If you have the money, do it. These workshops are not cheap. A two day workshop costs at least five hundred to a thousand dollars. And also if you want to meet new people or other photographers a workshop is fine if that is your thing.

I swear I will never attend workshops because pretty much everything that I want to learn in nature and landscape photography is in the internet; youtube, blogs, flicker etc. I am still in the learning process myself but I will not spend a thousand dollars just to learn how to shoot a waterfall or how to shoot sunsets and sunrises. Some workshops will take you to the field to shoot landscapes at noon time, that is just plain wrong if you ask me. Some will teach you how to shoot butterflies or plants in a botanical garden for a thousand dollars, come on!! Really?
But maybe, just maybe I will attend one of Ian Plant’s workshops someday because I want to meet the guy or Marc Adamus’.

Shoot RAW!


Technical photo stuff: Shot in RI @7PM. DSLR camera, f/18, 20mm, ISO 100, 49 seconds, B+W ND110, Lightroom 4


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