Long Exposure in Landscape Photography using 10-stop ND Filter

Beavertail, RI

Basically a 10-stop ND filter blocks the light going to your camera sensor by 10 stops. 1 stop is you are halving the light, 10 stops is 1000 times less light. It is total darkness when you look in your viewfinder with this filter attached to you lens.

This filter blocks light very much that it blurs all kinds of motion. The application for this is if you want to have the effect of streaks of clouds across the sky or want to turn water movement into milky like substance.
Beavertail, RI

I have both the B+W 110ND and Hitech Pro 4X4. The B+W (Made in Germany) creates magenta cast that is sometimes very difficult to adjust in Photoshop. The Hitech Pro (Made in UK) is just bad in my opinion that I don’t want to talk about it. The 3rd kind in existence which is the best of them all is the Lee Big Stopper. This filter is back ordered since 2009 when it was introduced by Lee Filters of the UK. The B+W is a screw type and both Hitech Pro and Lee Big Stopper are square type filters that need a holder before you can attach it to your lens.
Philadelphia Sunset Streak

How to use it:
Everything must be in manual mode. Compose a scene just like you normally do, set your focus manually. Also meter manually say, you set aperture of f/16, ISO of 100 and shutter speed of 1/30seconds. And then attached the filter on to your lens, cover the view finder to avoid light leak to sensor and set your camera to BULB mode. Multiply 1/30seconds with 1000 which results to approximately 33 seconds. Once you hit the shutter release cable, time it up to 33 seconds before releasing the shutter again. Use a stop watch or something. You can pretty much experiment with more exposures. Make it at least 30 seconds in between exposures.

I always have this filter in my bag just in case.

Shoot RAW!


Technical photo stuff:
1st photo shot in RI with DSLR camera, f/18, 18mm, ISO 100, 32 seconds, B+W 110ND,
2nd photo shot in RI with DSLR camera, f/16, 18mm, ISO 100, 181 seconds, B+W 110ND
3rd photo shot in Philadelphia with DSLR camera, f/16, 22mm, ISO 100, 155 seconds, B+W 110ND.


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