Where to shoot nature…?

Lock 12, near Lancaster

Not all of us live nearby a state park. You don’t need to go to Zion National Park to shoot nature. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and travel interstate just to shoot nature. The best place to shoot nature is actually where you live. There must be something in there, a place waiting to be discovered. Perhaps a creek or a stream on the way to work.
I live north of Philadelphia and there are a lot of streams and creeks. I do field work and I always bring with me my tripod, camera, shutter release cable & polarizer just in case. These are all I need. Do people really care where you took your nature photo? I don’t think so. Hmmm maybe if you are a pro. I am not a pro.
The photo above was taken in the fall season at Lock 12 near Lancaster county, PA 30 minutes from my house. A place you never heard off. I found it in Google.

Just shoot it!


Technical photo stuff: Shot in Lock 12 with DSLR camera, 21mm, f/14, ISO 800, 1/3 seconds, polarizer, tripod, shutter release cable.


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