Of course you can panorama nature!

Ricketts Glen State Park

Most panoramic photos that I see are about vast reaches of lands, cityscapes and elongated landscapes. But can you apply this in nature photography? Yes you can.
In the photo above I was already on the edge and my widest lens was only 17mm. 17mm could only take the upper left part of the photo. I wanted to capture the length of the stream. So what I did I put on my panoramic tripod head and took 5 overlapping vertical frames and stitched them in panorama.
When your wide angle lens limits you in nature, stitch!

Full resolution here: http://bit.ly/ykOKjT

Keep shooting!


Technical photo stuff:
Shot in Ricketts Glenn State Park. Stitched 5 vertical frames in Adobe CS5, used a panoramic tripod head, resulted in 38 Mega Pixel, cropped at 6 X 18. DSLR camera, 40mm, f/16, ISO 50, 8 seconds.


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