Getting serious with panoramic photography?

Philadelphia Skyline Sunset Pano

I used a panoramic tripod head (Nodal Ninja 3 Mark II) to capture frames of this scene and stitched them using CS5. You can use any stitching software you want.
A panoramic tripod head allows a photographer to shoot a series of frames around the axis of the lens. If you don’t use a panoramic tripod head you are actually shooting around the axis of the camera, thus creating parallax errors. Parallax errors will create problems with the software stitching the sequences of frames; lines not straight, a gap between straight lines & distortion.

Full resolution here:

Keep shooting!


Technical photo stuff:
Shot in Camden NJ. Stitched 16 vertical frames in CS5. Cropped at 6 X 24. Resulting image was 47 Mega pixel. DSLR camera, 33mm,  f/11, ISO 50, 1/40 seconds


7 thoughts on “Getting serious with panoramic photography?

      • Woah cool. You have captured a lot of dynamic range. I’m surprised the sun glow is not over exposed. What was your work flow on this image if you don’t mind me asking, from capturing the photo, processing it to the finished product?

      • I just looked for the mid-tone and meter from there. I used that for all the vertical frames taken/spanned from left to right. All manual settings; focal length, focus. All RAW files too. Import to stitch in Photoshop CS 5 using PhotoMerge and cropped the final image and saved it as TIFF. Import again to Lightroom for finishing touches. Thanks.

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