PEMAQUID3-FB-69MPPemaquid Light Sunset – F/18 @ 0.4 sec, 24mm, ISO 100, 6X12, 69MP

I don’t have grad filters anymore. During a sunset grad filters are very useful to balance the exposure of the sky and foreground. So I used HDR to fix this situation. My camera is capable of auto bracketing 5-RAW shots which is neat. This photo is compose of 6 vertical frames, 5 shots each frame. One shot for the neutral, -1 stop, -2 stops, +1 stop, and + 2 stops to a total of 30 shots to make this photo. I don’t think there is much difference if it’s just -2..0..+2 bracketing. I was just merely experimenting.

I then batch loaded the bracketed shots to Photomatix 5 and used the Natural preset, saved them as TIFF-8 and stitched them in Photoshop CC. I then exported it to Lightroom 5 for final touches. The 8GB RAM of my computer was just about the right amount to do all these stuff.

I was drawn to the amazing texture and patterns of the foreground here that I forgot about the ocean and the sky was just not that exciting.


Back in Maine

PERMAQUID01-FB-64MPPemaquid Light -F/16 @ 1.3 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 6X18, 64MP

Every time I am in Maine, it’s either cold or rainy! There seem to be a lot of work here in winter time. From the photos I’ve seen it’s beautiful here in the fall.

It felt like the drive to Permaquid Lighthouse Park was very long but the view to the ocean is amazing with all that rugged coast Maine can offer. The rocks have a very unique texture, very good for foreground. Actually, unlimited foreground. LOL.

I still have work to do but I think it’s time to go home to Philly afterwards. I have been flying from coast to coast, Bass Harbor would have been nice. Maybe next time.

Hope you like it.


GWB Sunset

GEO04-FB-70MPGWB Sunset – F/7.1 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, ND110, 6X12, 70MP

One of the busiest bridge in America is the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey and New York, from Fort Lee to North Manhattan Island.

Shot at Fort Lee Historic Park, this bridge is massive! I was just off from work and drove here from Manhattan.

I was admiring the structure and the engineering behind it while waiting for the blue hour. When the sun hit the top of the bridge like that I had to set up my tripod pretty quickly to capture it. The shot was 6 vertical stitch panorama.

I used an ND Filter to maintain DOF in long shutter.

Here is another shot taken during blue hour.
GEO01-FB-4X6-56MPGeorge Washington Bridge Blue Hour – F/22@30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 4X6, 56MP

Like and share ! :)

Charlotte Blue Hour

CHARLOTTE03-FB-79MPCharlotte Blue Hour – F/22 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 6X18, 79MP

Day 3 of our official business in Charlotte, NC. We were looking for a good vantage point to again shoot cityscape or skyline. We were looking at Google map for possible parking garage rooftops.

The first one we went to was a parking garage for cops! Scratched that! The second one was a real public parking garage which was awesome. Charlotte is a tiny city and very easy to navigate. We were there waiting for the sun to disappear from the horizon in our backs as we face the city skyline. There is not much going on in Charlotte, no traffic and stuff, a very peaceful city, meaning no light trails. LOL.

We went to a 3rd parking garage downtown and took two more panoramas but the result were not good enough. To post or not to post, right?

I don’t really like mentioning gear but this Rokinon 24mm/F1.4 lens I am using is an awesome lens for a 3rd cost of Canon or Nikon equivalent. What I really like about it also is the sharp star burst it creates. I just set the focus to infinity and just shoot.


South End Charlotte

CHARLOTTE02-FB-WP-88MPSouth End Charlotte – F/20 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 4X5, 88MP

Day 2 of our “business” in Charlotte. Had to finish the job early so that we can shoot. This is in Tryon Street south end of the bridge.

I had to do a two row, 8 column panoramic shot, 16 RAW files for so that I can include the whole tall building in front of me. Set the first row at 0 deg and second row up tilt at 5 deg in my panoramic tripod head. Photoshop was able to stitch them pretty good with little to no distortion. Anyway, the result is a 4X5 stitch, 88 mega pixels.

What is up with Charlotte? Rush hour and there was no rush, I missed my light trails! LOL!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

CHARLOTTE01-FB-WP-34MPCharlotte At Night – F/14 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 34MP

We flew in to Charlotte, NC today for some business. We were supposed to work at night but the schedule was messed up. So what would two people with cameras and tripods do, shoot cityscapes. LOL.

It’s St. Patricks and it’s been raining in Charlotte. We waited in this bridge location for quite some time for the rain to just stop for a few seconds so that we can set up our tripods and take photos.

The weather created these fogs hovering the top part of the tall buildings. Looked like it’s a good thing to capture.

Happy St. Patrick’s everyone!



Self pomotion and critique

PHILLY002-FB-WP-46MPWaterworks – F/8 @ 30 seconds, 24mm, ISO 100, 46MP

They say that in order for your images to be seen you have to self promote. Self promote in forums and other social media sites. Why? Do people really think they can make money off of landscape photography? That makes me laugh. People in the internet just ask your photos for free and even steal it! Godless creatures, lol!

Landscape photography is just a hobby for me. I don’t need to self promote. If I’d want to make money in photography I’ll try weddings, pre-nuptials and portraits and buy all types of flashes and lenses.

In one forum, this guy went ballistic on me when I said about cropping photos. He read it “crap”. I never said crap. I said cropping a regular photo is not a good practice because you will lose pixels and you’ll make this excuse to buy a new high mega pixel camera, because you like to crop. Compose it properly, exclude eye sores in the scene. Cropping is reserved only for stitch panoramas because you have a buffer of pixels. In a bad day I get 30 Mega Pixels. How many pixels your 5DMKIII get? Right. And he went to say that stitch is no longer a high art like it was once, so what is? Cropping regular photos? And that stitch is just a program technique, and so is HDR like his photos.

And then he PM’ed me and said “btw you got good photos”. Well, thank you. I since then apologize If I offended him, so that he’ll stop emailing me.

So If you want to feel good about your photography post it on Flickr, LOL. I don’t need likes and whatnot. I blog to document my travels and give tips on the side. Most of my inquiries are coming from my website anyway, not from these forums.

People in the interwebs are funny.


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